Our Team

At Signature Dentistry of Denver, we have a small team of highly dedicated and caring professionals. We embrace the idea that less is more, favoring a team of a few very skilled individuals with training in multiple facets of dentistry over a large staff with limited experience and training. Our personalized, concierge approach to dental care creates closer connections between our team members and our clients The benefit to you is working with people you care about and care about you; people that truly, honestly want what’s best for you, your health, and your overall well-being.

Trisha Misegadis

Treatment Coordinator

Working alongside Dr. Bennett for over 21 years, Trisha runs all facets of the practice, from scheduling to assisting, finances and more. She is the heartbeat of Signature Dentistry of Denver. Having someone with her diverse skill set is a real advantage…. patients don’t have to worry about the notorious shuffle, different staff members and names you won’t remember changing each time you come in. As your Treatment Coordinator, Trisha is with you every step of the way, and takes responsibility for your experience at Signature Dentistry. Trisha is the face you’ll come to know, love, and trust, as she is your advocate. 

When asked why patients are so dedicated to the practice and glowing in their reviews, Trisha replies, “It’s all about relationship and communication. Dr. Dave is the most talented dentist I’ve ever come across, but it’s not simply artistry and skill, it’s his ability to communicate with patients. There are lots of good dentists out there, but he and Dr. Khanjari are just levels above. They’re always learning and they’ve always been one step ahead of the rest.”

Ashley Streed

Dental Hygienist

The first thing you’ll notice when you meet Ashley, Dr. Bennett’s hygienist, is how picture perfect her teeth are. And though her smile may blow you away, her mid-western charm and perfectionism as a hygienist are what makes her a true asset to Signature Dentistry of Denver.

Having been with the practice several years now, she says … how much she loves who she works with. “It’s a small, tight-knit crew and all we do is have fun. The vibe of the office is great. There’s always great music playing, people joking… the office feels personable, yet also professional.” 

Why choose Signature Dentistry of Denver

A team member at Signature Dentistry of Denver hard at work in our office
All dentists are not created equal – either in terms of artistry, training, or experience. Our award-winning team of Denver Cosmetic Dentists have gone above and beyond in these areas to become recognized experts in transforming smiles with porcelain veneers. Dr. David Bennett and Dr. Hamid Khanjari (links to doctor page) are known for creating smiles that are radiant, beautiful, and so natural they are undetectable from natural teeth. Not only can you expect a smile that brings you new found health, confidence, and happiness, it will be delivered by a team of individuals that truly care for you and your experience, making the overall process as comfortable and smooth as possible. It is our team’s level of expertise and care that makes what we offer one-of-a-kind. We invite you to come see us and experience the Signature difference for yourself!

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