Our Philosophy of Service

Dentistry isn’t something you do to someone, it’s something you do for someone. That philosophy of service has been the heartbeat and ethos of Signature Aesthetic Dentistry for over twenty years. It is visible in everything we do… from the naturally enhanced smiles we design for our patients, to the quality of care and quantity of time we invest in every single appointment. We love what we do and who we do it for.

That’s also why we’ve partnered with and helped found The sur•THRIVE Initiative, a smile transformation program designed for survivors of human trafficking. We volunteer our time and expertise to change the lives of women in our city that have endured the worst of humanity. This privilege we have is made possible by our incredible clients, and is just one of the many ways we’re doing great things, together.

If you’re searching for a dental home, we’d like to invite you to Signature. We’re the perfect fit for those tired of being another number, hungry for an exceptional dental experience from beginning to end. We are also one of the few offices in Metro Denver that can predictably treat complex dental problems requiring a high level of expertise in the areas of cosmetic, reconstructive, and implant dentistry.

We are located in Denver, CO. We often serve patients from the Wash Park, Cherry Creek, Bonnie Brae, Cherry Hills Village, Greenwood Village, Cory – Merrill, Hilltop, and the Observatory Park areas of metro Denver. Come experience the signature difference for yourself and schedule a discover appointment below!

Our Team

Dr. David Bennett

Relaxing in a luxurious leather chair, the fireplace lit and a fresh cup of coffee in hand, I sit across from Dr. David Bennett, owner and creator of Signature Dentistry in Denver, Colorado. I can tell he’s an insatiable creative, in love with the process of engineering something beautiful with true permanence. You can feel it not only in his presence, but in the space he’s hand-designed for you.

As you walk into Signature Dentistry, the brick façade, tall glass windows and quiet urban streets let you know you’re in a good place. Upon entering, you’re immediately welcomed by the warmth of a modern fireplace, plush rugs, a sleek kitchenette and Spotify’s underground best.

“I never want someone to feel like they’re in a dental office. It should look and feel like an extension of your home, because that’s the place you’re most comfortable” he states. And he’s right, you feel like you’ve time-warped from your front door straight into your living room… and the magic show’s just begun.

A graduate of Marquette’s School of Dental Medicine in 1996, he’s been fine-tuning and honing his craft for over 20 years. From logging more hours than he’d care to count immersing himself in advanced technique trainings, to instructing other dentists on how to achieve the same results he does in notable courses like PAC LIVE and The REHAB Masterclass, perfection may not be attainable… but excellence is worth the challenge.

Dr. Stuart Bennett is David’s father and has a long, highly-respected track record with the people of Denver for delivering spectacular dental care. Having practiced together for nearly two decades, when Stuart retired he said his son was version 2.0 and he couldn’t be more proud of the dentist he’d become.

That same family-centric dynamic has now been passed on. David has a beautiful wife Trish, and two amazing kids Ayla and Layton. We had dinner together, and the David + Trish duo got to work preparing an exquisite meal with a precision I’d never seen before, from hand-made old-fashions to an apple-kale salad and parmesan crusted steak. How you do one thing, is how you do everything and David lives that day-in and day-out. It’s a care for quality above quantity… and it’s rare.

But just how rare? In speaking with a dozen patients or so, I realized quickly this was no ordinary dental office myself. It was entirely unique, floor to ceiling. Some patients fly 3000+ miles to see David, and his skillset is refined to such a degree now, that he’s lecturing and instructing other dentists on how to do what he himself does with ease and predictability. Though he may not say it himself, his patients will… “Finding Dr. Dave was a miracle. His mastery, paired with his humility is the hardest thing to find in a dentist and I found it!”

Trish Misegadis

If Dr. Bennett needed to call in sick, but the show had to go on without him, Trish probably wouldn’t skip a beat. “She’s seen me do everything from routine fillings to incredibly complex aesthetic cases for the past 20 years. Her knowledge base and skillset are honestly more prolific than most dentists, and I say that with all respect for the craft. She’s just that good!”

Running all facets of the practice, from scheduling to assisting, finances and more, Trish is the employee everyone wishes they had. And there’s a real advantage to having someone that gifted…. patients don’t have to worry about the notorious shuffle, different staff members and names you won’t remember changing each time you come in. When you walk into Signature, Trish is the face you’ll come to know, love, and trust. She’s the backbone. 

“Dr. Dave is the most talented dentist I’ve ever worked with. There are lots of good dentists out there, but he and his father are just levels above. They’re always learning and they’ve always been one step ahead of the rest.” And it’s not simply talent she explains, but it’s his ability to communicate with patients. When I asked her why patients stay, and why they all have such an impressive understanding of the work that was done, she said one word… “Relationship.”

You get the feeling, dentistry was always meant to be like this. From a concierge office design, to the small, personable staff, exquisite talent and relationship-centric philosophy, Trish says it best – “It’s never work… it’s life.”

Ashley Streed

The first thing you’ll notice when you meet Ashley, Dr. Bennett’s hygienist, is how picture perfect her teeth are. And though her smile may blow you away, her mid-western charm and perfectionism as a hygienist are what makes her a true asset to Signature Dentistry of Denver.

Having been with the practice several years now, she admits one thing has become commonplace… how much she loves who she works with. “It’s a small, tight-knit crew and all we do is have fun.” You can feel the truth in what she claims as well, the vibe of the office is extraordinary. David has one office rule… no matter how small the task, no matter how you’re feeling, you always say please and thank you. Always.

Small perhaps, but the one rule is something Ashley really grabbed onto, because it keeps things simple… service and respect. “You just do your best work, and know that you’re on a team. I’ve seen cases Dr. Dave did that are nearly 20 years old and they look as beautiful as the day they were done! But that also means I’m doing my job well, and the patients are doing theirs…”

That one rule aside, when Spotify tunes are bumping there’s no end to the stories told, the jokes made and “keeping it fresh” as David calls it. “He wants an office that feels personable, yet also professional.” That’s a difficult thing to pull off, but from an outsiders perspective, Signature Dentistry is doing it better than anyone around.

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